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zhaan silly

Heh, bad news for conservatives....

Did you hear about that wedding in Thailand? The bride was a total cow, and the groom was full of bullshit.

I couldn't make that up if I tried...

I wonder if this is what the conservatives were afraid of? First you have the gays getting married, then the next thing you know cattle are exchanging vows, then dogs and cats are living together and who knows where it'll go from there ;)


Well, as long as the animals are within the same species and opposite sexes, we're okay... now had that cow wanted to marry another COW--well that's BULLSHIT! (well, not really since no bulls would be involved--haha!)

Lol, touche' ;)
...mass hysteria! :-P
Important safety tip, thanks Egon
As long as it was a bull and a cow, or else it would be weird. ha.
Honestly, I think the bizarre thing was the fact that they had 2,000 guests. No one I know has had anywhere near that many guests at their wedding.
Well, marriage contracts originated as another means of exchanging wealth, so it makes about as much sense to me as human marriages. In fact, it's easier (for me) to understand the bride price of a cow than the bride price of a person...
What I want to know is how they got 2,000 guests. I mean, I know people complain that there's nothing to do in this city, but how boring does your town have to be for 2,000 people to turn up at a wedding for bovines? ;)