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mr bill

As Homer would say... D'oh!!!

Just had to share this photo...

I'm always fascinated by engineering blunder/disaster type things and I would love to be able to wander around on one of those platforms just to look around (albeit one that's a little less tilted ;), but I would NOT want to be the guy who had to explain to his bosses how the f___ that happened.

Granted, there was a hurricane blowing through there recently, but apparently those rigs are designed to handle much worse weather so there is some question as to whether human error was involved. Man, I would hate to be the human who made that error. S/he will never live it down ;)

(an article about it and more pictures)


Yeah, that's why I'm glad I'm not a civil engineer... it'd be so hard to get all the details right, and the consequences of getting it wrong are like WOAH. It's a miracle that this doesn't happen more often with oil rigs, really. There was one good one decades ago where they didn't get the structure right for the soil type and it did the same thing. Can't remember what that one was called now though.
Well I think that's more of a mechanical engineering goof ;). The useful thing about CE is that there are a lot of safety factors in everything that gets built, but yeah, when you see some of the disasters that have happened it's pretty sobering.