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From the WTF? Files....

Trippy. This is from a fluff piece in the local newspaper (Whatever happened to: Jay J. Armes):

Now, according to British Broadcasting Corp. reports, Stan Lee, creator of the Fantastic Four and Spider Man, is working on a project to make Jay J. Armes his first superhero based on a real person.

Weird. My dad new him pretty well years ago (when he was the city council rep in my dad's district) and I got to meet the guy a few times when I was younger, so I'm curious (albeit morbidly so) about that idea. As pfjunkie pointed out though, "...in the comic world, Armes actually fits in well, childhood trauma, difficult youth, success despite limitations" and a rather interesting fashion sense (vintage polyester is his friend ;).

Plus he already has his very own action figure.

What was that line about truth being stranger than fiction?
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