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Friday night recap

It's late and I have a busy day tomorrow, but the short version of the day

Movie - Sky High was surprisingly amusing. Along the lines of The Incredibles, and very well cast. Definitely a movie that a comic book/super-hero fan will enjoy. It reminded me of Galaxy Quest in that it gently (but amusingly) pokes fun at the genre without being mean.

Best Buy - Managed to get attacked by some speakers, I came out the worse for wear with a decent scrap and a small cut/scratch on my shin. Nothing major, but I ended up filing an injury report while I was trying to complain about the sales associate that blew me off about it.

Pyscho Neighbor - My favorite nutcase made a surprise Friday night appearance and entertained us with a whole 15 minutes of paranoid delusional goodness. I got to test out my alternate audio recording system and I got so-so results. There's a noticeable improvement from last week's attempt, but it's still not great. I want better results. I came up with an idea for how to improve the recording system, but I'll have to make a new toy in order to do so (more pictures and details once it's built). The video wasn't great this time, but be on the look out for the audio track of the exchange sometime this weekend (and if I'm feeling particularly silly I may come up with a highlight reel of some of the silliness I did catch on film)

Now, I'm tired and I have to be up early-ish. I hope everyone else had a nice, boring Friday night. I should be posting about something other than my psycho neighbor soon, he's just the easiest thing to ramble on about given the other stuff I have to deal with right now. Anyhow, 'night folks.
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