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"In wine there is wisdom. In beer is strength. In water is bacteria."

Bad to the Last Drop

Funny, years ago ABC's 20/20 and more recently P&Ts Bullshit both covered the same topic and they came up with the same results (people can't tell the difference, bottled water can have much more bacteria) and yet no one ever believes me about it. After getting sick (from unrelated causes) last year I decided to start drinking more water and I briefly experimented with a Brita pitcher before realizing that I just needed to get used to drinking non-sickeningly sweet liquids (compared to Mt Dew, or Gatorade, or iced tea, plain old water tastes horribly bland). Now I can easily go through a gallon or more of water in a day (keep in mind I live in the dessert and I work outside a lot and people do actually die from dehydration here so you learn to hydrate) and I never can tell the difference between bottled and tap water (with the exception of a few random places with nasty/old/damaged pipes... like my old high school).
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