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Stuck in a rut...

Do you ever find yourself stuck? Knowing you need to change something and wanting to do things differently but not sure even where to begin or what to change?

That's kind of where I am. Business stuff sucks, I need to make a move in some direction but I don't know what to do so I end up sitting here trying to figure something out and watching the days go by with things not getting better.

Something has to change, the sooner, the better.

Ugh. Why does being a grown-up have to be so bloody difficult? Where are the easy answers and simple solutions to my problems?


*hug* wish i had some simple solutions for you.
i'm here if you want to get away from el paso for awhile. i'll be out at burning man towards the end of august/beginning of september.
I'd love to get away for a while, unfortunately that's neither possible (too many bills, not enough money) nor practical (family/business stuff I can't really up and leave) at the moment.

Even if I could though, I'm afraid the problem isn't location as much as how I feel about my handling of things lately (i.e. not good). I need to get my act together and stop putzing around. Heh, if only I could figure out a fool proof direction to take.

Thanks for the offer though, it means a lot to me, and I will take you up on it. I just need to get things in some sort of long term order so I can enjoy a trip.
all good. *hug*
and feel free to call whenever. i think i've been pretty bad lately at keeping in touch, keeping up with phone calls...life's gotten a bit blurry. not so good. but, anyhow -- if you call, i'll answer or call you back. :)

Welcome to my life. :-/
Heh, we should start a club ;)
go travelling for a while :-D

even if you don't figure it out, you'll have a blast along the way.
Heh, travelling would be awesome.

Unfortunately I know I won't enjoy it if I have all this other stuff looming over me. It's not even a question of fixing everything now, it's really a matter of having a direction and knowing my approach has a decent probability of success. Right now, I don't know what to do and I have no idea which options are more or less likely to be good/bad/disaterous.

Once I do sort things out though, I think I might wander out to your neck of the woods.
I know how you feel. *sending you easy solution waves hoping that you can soon make a change*
Thanks, I appreciate the thought and it helps knowing others know what it feels like. It's good not to be alone.
Welcome to ALL of our lives.
It's confirmed... your normal. : )
Aaaaaaaaaaargh!!! Normal?!?! How could you say such a terrible thing :-p


I guess we all have to go through stuff like this. I'm just kicking myself because it feels like it's my fault (and in a lot of ways it is, I could do more, I'm just afraid of fucking things up more than they already are)
Story of my life.
If that's the case, we need to fire our writers ;)
No kidding!!
Added you back so that my posts are open to you.
Thanks, a friend mentioned you recently and it piqued my curiosity. From what I've read so far you have a very interesting lj.
I totally hear what you're saying. My advice to you is, first of all, to be patient. Realizing you're stuck in a rut is actually a good sign, because it should motivate you to start looking into that new direction. But think long & hard about where you want to be 5 or 10 years from now, & do a lot of research, whether you want to start a new job/business or move to a different area or what. Don't hastily make a change you haven't thoroughly thought through--that'll make you even more unhappy. (I speak from experience here--I moved from NJ to FL without doing hardly any research, just going on what I remembered from when I visited my relatives a few years before. BAD move!)
Thanks for the advice, I definitely appreciate the fresh perspective and you made several good points.

I know I have tons of options (if nothing else I know I can always fall back on my degree and get a good job pretty much anywhere). Sometimes I wonder if that's not the problem. It's not though, really the biggest problems come from trying to find solutions to family financial problems that I didn't really have much to do with in the first place. If it was just a matter of fixing my life it would be simple, fixing other people's lives at the same time (especially when they have asked for your help) is the hard part.

They're not insumountable problems, but for the last couple of months I've found myself nearly paralyzed because I don't want to fail to find a solution.... yet again.

I've done a lot of thinking though and I think I've found a decent partial solution that should help a lot.... I hope. Now to just overcome the inertia and fear and just do it.