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mr bill

So much for privacy....

I haven't seen anyone else post about this yet so I thought I'd share...

Welcome to the National Driver's License Records Bureau web site - where you can search our online database of over 220 million U.S. driver's license photos and driver's license information currently on file, absolutely FREE. Search our files with the form below.

Under the American Driver's License Identification Information Act (ADLIIA - enacted on July 9, 2000), every state in the union is required to make available to the public a digitized copy of each and every valid driver's license, in their respective state. The National Driver's License Records Bureau has been established to create the country's only centralized database of driver's licenses, on the more than 220 million licensed drivers, in the United States.

Ugh :(


All they had wrong on mine was the corrective lenses restriction... sad... :(

I'd say that's a pretty accurate picture of the person I entered. *snicker*
hehe good one :-P
ah, you cheeky bastard. i suppose that'll learn me for believing almost anything about america... :-b