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Look at what the National Driver's License Records Bureau pulled up for my psycho neighbor:

I knew it!!!

So... umm... as you might have guessed, that last post was... umm.... it was supposed to be a joke. Unfortunately I misjudged how many people (rightfully so) would just look at it and shake their heads in dismay without trying it out and actually getting to the funny (when I tried it I actually used my psycho neighbor's info... just to be on the safe side ;)

I'm sorry if anyone took it too seriously, sadly we live in a time where something like that is actually pretty easy to believe. After all a quick perusal of Slashdot shows us that thanks to our wonderful administration:

and they still don't believe in evolution or natural selection (or any science that they don't approve of for that matter). So, sadly it's not all that hard to believe that our world is slowly but surely becoming the 1984 of literary legend (it just took a quarter century longer than Orwell feared).

All things considered, I think I'm less bothered by the prospect of anyone/everyone being able to access information about me (remember all the info I dug up on my psycho neighbor using purely public information?) than I am by the fact that our beloved government sees fit to enact "secret" laws that allow them to collect as much private information about us as they want without any sort of oversight. All in the name of "safety", so that they can fight their "war" on terror. Does anyone think this war is going to go any better than the "war" on drugs?

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."- Benjamin Franklin

FYI - I only unscreened the comments that got to the amusing part of the link in the last post. I absolutely didn't want people to take get upset about the prospect that it could be real. It means a lot to me that folks took it at face value and I would rather keep everyone's trust in that regard than make a joke that not everyone may appreciate.

If I post anything else that isn't obviously a joke I'll put a warning that the subject matter is not to be taken seriously.
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