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An ego boost....

After days like yesterday (minor house disaster and annoying cell phone stuff), days like today are nice.

I got called to do an easy little computer setup job and they paid me right away with the promise of having another computer for me to work on for the weekend (yay $$), and I just got this email from my prof from last semester:

Hope all is well. Are you still searching for a topic for your M.S. thesis?

The transportation Research Board has a program that sponsors unproven innovations

I talked with the program officer of the transit area about an innovation that can have significant impact on improving the efficiency of parking in transit stations and he suggested writing a proposal on it. I think it can be potentially a profitable commercial product also.

If you are interested in collaborating on this proposal, please stop by my office and let's talk about it.

It's kind of cool to possibly not have to be chasing after either a possible thesis topic or a possible RA-ship. It's certainly not a done deal, but it still feels good to know I made a positive impression on a prof and that he's interested in working with me on research.... Now if only I could get some money out of it.