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hulk smash!

Fuck you Mr. President...

From obvious who attributed it as " Seems to be written by unseelie, found through neitherday"

How a President Should React

In September 1999, Hurricane Floyd -- a category 3 -- was bearing down the Carolinas and Virginia. President Clinton was in Christchurch, New Zealand - meeting with President Jiang of China (you know, actually working). He made the proclamation that only Presidents can make and declared the areas affected by Floyd "Federal Disaster Areas" so the National Guard and Military can begin to mobilize. Then he cut short his meetings overseas and flew home to coordinate the rescue efforts. This all one day BEFORE a Cat-3 hit the coast. That is how you do it.

How about this dope's own father during Hurricane Andrew? Once again, President Bush (41) -- August, 1992 -- was in the midst of a brutal campaign for re-election. Yet, he cut off his campaigning the day before and went to Washington where he martialed the largest military operation on US soil in history. He sent in 7,000 National Guard and 22,000 regular military personnel, and all the gear to begin the clean up within hours after Andrew passed through Florida. 'Cause, you know, those people and their stuff was actually where it belonged, rather than being used for insurgent target-practice halfway around the world in a vain effort to make Iraq safe for Iranian takeover.

In August of 1969 when Cat-5 Hurricane Camille hit roughly the same area as Katrina, President Nixon had already readied the National Guard and ordered all Gulf rescue vessels and equipment from Tampa and Houston to follow the Hurricane in. There were over 1,000 regular military with two dozen helicopters to assist the Coast Guard and National Guard within hours after the skies cleared.

Bush 43 - August 2005 - Cat-5 Hurricane Katrina bears down on New Orleans and the Mississippi gulf. Both states are down nearly 8,000 National Guard troops because they are in Iraq -- with most of the rescue gear needed. Bush is on vacation. The day before Katrina makes landfall, Bush rides his bike for two hours. The day she hits, he goes to Johnnie McCain's birthday party; and lies to old people about the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company welfare boondoggle. People are dying, the largest port of entry in the United States (and fifth largest in the World) is under attack. Troops and supplies are desperately needed. The levees are cracking and the emergency 1-1/2 ton sandbags are ready, but there aren't enough helicopters or pilots to set them before the levees fail. The mayor of New Orleans begs for Federal coordination, but there is none, and the sandbagging never gets done. So Bush -- naturally -- goes to San Diego to play guitar with country singer and lie to the military about how Iraq is just exactly like WWII. The levees give way, filling New Orleans with water, sewage, oil and chemicals. Ten percent of all US exports, and 50% of all agricultural exports ordinarly go through this port. It is totally destroyed. Bush decides he'll end his vacation a couple of days early --BECAUSE HE HAS TICKETS TO A PADRES GAME! He goes back to the Fake Farm in Crawford, with every intention of doing something on WEDNESDAY about this disaster that happened starting last Sunday night.

And now to all of you asshats (including my folks) who voted for Bush in the first place, you have my utter contempt and loathing. Yeah, I'll be less grumpy at some of you eventually, but YOU put this monkey in the White House and news flash: Bush was the only person on the planet who could have made this less of a catastrophe and he didn't do shit!! Way to go assholes, you put a perenial party boy who found Jay-sus in charge of our national security and look what a great job he did. Fuck the 7 minutes. He had days to do something, anything and he went to a party? Right now, I could honestly care less if he had told the millitary to do the wrong thing, but our Monkey in Chief didn't do a single god damn thing about the hurricane he knew was coming!

"Who's the more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows him?"

I've danced around the issue before, but let me say it plainly, I am disgusted with him and with the 51% who elected him president. How dare you claim that he was the moral choice? His stupidity and incompetence have caused the deaths of countless people multiple times before the election and you still had the nerve to vote for him? He started a war that's killed thousands and destroyed thousands more lives, he managed to make the US into a globally loathed bully despite having the world in our corner after 9/11. He's the worst possible example of a "Christian" (right up there with Pat "We have to take him out" Roberson) and if any of you out there want to support him because you think he's a moral man, I have news for you. You're an even bigger imbecile than he is.

I'm extremely proud to see how many people are opening their homes, wallets, whatever they can to the survivors of Katrina and New Orleans. Normal people who have very little are offering whatever they can and doing everything possible to help out those in need and that's awesome. That's what being a "Christian" and an "American" is all about, but I am utterly disgusted and ashamed of my President, his administration, AND the people who voted for him.

Fuck you and your sanctimonious stupidity.


I believe the Congress was culpable too; this article (which includes quotes from an Army Corps of Engineers official) supports that interpretation.
Heh, like the article says, there's plenty of blame enough to go around Washington, but my point is that regardless of what the situation was before the storm (ther article mentions as recently as three months ago they were told there were problems, but lets be honest a public works project can take months if not years to make any sort of progress) the storm itself was handled ineptly.

It could be argued that a major part of the National Guard's mission is to respond in areas and situations where we aren't prepared (or aren't as prepared as we should be) and to mitigate the loss of life and suffering that is likely to occur when something unexpectedly bad happens,

I may despise our current MiC, but I'm not going to blame him for every possible problem that caused this disaster, I'm just saying that he is one of the few individual people who could have made an incalculable difference if he had acted. Like I was telling a friend of mine recently, he's The President of the United States" and he is the "Commander in Chief" of the armed services so he can pretty much call up the millitary and tell them to go do things. He could have mobilized national guard units, he could have dispatched rescue craft to go in on the storm's heels, he could have sent the navy nursing ship on Saturday or Sunday, hell he could have gone out there and started bagging sand and shoring up the levies by hand, I'm not offended that he didn't do the right thing or that he didn't find some way to magically save every single person, animal and house in NOLA,

I am unbelievably disgusted that he didn't even cut his vacation short before the storm hit.
Truer words were never spoken. He cares about nothing but his Christian crusade, which is why we're in the middle east to begin with. And you know what? The 51% DO see this. They just think it's a good thing. They want to oppress gay people, teach religion in school, and have the ten commandments displayed at our judicial buildings. As I am sure you are aware, they think the president's attitude is actually a good one.
Eh, I don't know. I honestly think most "Christians" just don't realize that his "Christianity" ends when someone else's pocketbook begins.

I know a lot of people who are very devout and I don't think a lot of them really understand what's going on. They just don't see the spin machine working so they don't get offended when the "truth" or "history" change.

I mean seriously, somedays it feels like "Attack of the Body Snatchers" or something. People just walking around repeating stuff that isn't true and not really caring that they sort of knew it wasn't that way before. I mean, jeez we're right in the middle of 1984 and for some reason most people don't seem to care.

You can already see the spin machine working now, talking about how the Governor and the Mayor didn't request help soon enough and how the federal government is "doing everything they can" and people are starting to buy it. No one seems to remember 6 fucking days ago when NOLA was in complete chaos and there wasn't a single soldier to be seen and our fearless leader was still on fucking vacation!

I know many of them mean well, but are just blinded by this fool of a president, because he says "god" all the time. But, blindess is really much of an excuse.
hehe...you said bush

Funny thing is that the storm hit Sunday night...projections of a possible Cat3 or higher storm tracking to the gulf cost (and likely New Orleans) were up as early as Thursday/Friday.

I saw some kids on the news literally breaking their piggy banks to donate. I wonder how much Barbara and Jenna have donated...hehe
See this is what happens when you have a president who can't errr won't read the news. If he had picked up a fucking newspaper on Saturday or Sunday he would have known how the storm was developing.

I mean for crying out loud, I'm not a news junkie and I'd already heard random people on the street talking about the hurricane and how bad it was projected to be last weekend. How the fuck did he not know it was going to be bad and how did he not think to do something about it?
Some have countered "Well they have to wait for the storm to pass" It blew in sunday night...it blew out by monday afternoon. The levees could/should have been checked/reenforced even a little as soon as it turned into a catagory 3 72hrs before it hit. That little bit of work could have made such a HUGE difference...
Eh, they may have to wait for the storm to pass, but they could have been mobilized and waiting in staging areas nearby and ready to go in when it did.

They didn't need to wait for the storm to pass in order to mobilize them and get everything ready to go. Granted since a lot of the units couldn't do much without their equipment which is currently in use, elsewhere...

Very well said. When it comes time to take this to the streets, I will be right there with you man.
That is by far the best examination of the situation that I have read. I think it is clear that Bush has now earned his place as one of the most incompetent, worthless presidents in our nations history. The man is an embarrassment and I am shocked at how anyone who claims to be moral could follow such a blatant hypocrite who has no regard for morals of any sort much less any regard for other human beings. I am thankful for the wisdom which led to the 2 term limit for president.

Oh he has definitely earned something. Personally I hope it's a nice one way ticket down south once he shuffles off this mortal coil.

Lately it seems like this icon becomes increasingly less funny and depressingly more accurate.
Yea I agree, I like the icon, but it has become reality. Only 1231 days left, but who's counting?
I agree with everything you said about GW. At the same time, this tragedy has inspired me to proudly vote Libertarian from now on. I've tried to support the Democrats real hard since before last year's election, but I just can't do it anymore. They've disappointed me way too many times. The American people knew darn well Bush was a colossal failure as a leader before last November. Yet, he won the popular vote. Whether or not John Kerry (whom I voted for) could "connect" with the American people, how could he NOT defeat someone as plainly incompetent as GW? And although Bush's reaction to the hurricane has been inexcusable, to put it mildly, with a few notable exceptions (Mary Landrieu--who was COMPLETELY dissed by her colleagues in Congress over the damage in New Orleans, Harold Ford, Jr., Rahm Emanuel, Charlie Rangel, etc.), the Democrats haven't exactly been saying or doing a lot, either. More than anything, the relative silence (or forced condolences) on the part of the Democrats last week makes them look like the "limousine liberals" they've been accused of being in the past. And FEMA's pathetic response is really all the proof you need that we really can't rely on our government for our well-being. So, both major parties, and the federal government, can go to blazes, IMHO.
Sad but true. I tend to look green party, myself. We know our votes won't count then. Sad, again. I guess we have to take one for the team, and hope that future generations can have the benefit of more major parties to chose from, because we vote that way now. This time I supported Kerry, because I would have done anything to get that psycho chimp out of the white house. We know how that went though.

Just a guess

how could he NOT defeat someone as plainly incompetent as GW

Because GW is a corrupt Fox-Channel-propaganda-using vote-fixing poo-faced git who appeals to the redneck and/or terrified-of-terrorism democratics?

Re: Just a guess

I agree that GW's people did a real smear campaign on Kerry, just like they do with everyone who runs against them (even people in their own party, like John McCain). However, it's disingenuous to pretend the Democrats are completely blameless in their image problems. They're wusses. It makes me sick when, for example, they say they support civil unions, but not gay marriage. We already have one party that opposes gay marriage. It's the Democrats' responsibility to stand up & say, "We DO support gay marriage, & here's why it makes NO SENSE for YOU to oppose gay marriage!" And then, you have someone like Howard Dean, who may be lacking in the tact department but tells the truth, & says what everyone else is thinking, & yet, whenever he opens his mouth, other Democrats apologize for what he said & talk about how maybe he's not right for his job as chairman of the DNC. They knew perfectly well what Howard Dean was all about when they first talked about putting him in that position! Maybe if they stood up for what they believed in more often, even Americans who didn't agree with them would come around to respect them & perhaps even vote for them on the basis of that respect.

Re: Just a guess

Howard Dean rocks my world. I have this bumper sticker proudly displayed in my car: http://www.cafepress.com/lavenderliberal.25460756 (well, ok, actually one very much like it that says the same thing in different colors but I can't find a link to that one now).
It replaced the Kerry/Edwards sticker after the fiasco that was the last election.
Re the above post: Hear, hear.
Thank you for writing this.
Cheers to you for posting this! I hope you don't mind, but I would like to copy it and post it on another journal.