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Thoughts on (grand)father's arsenal....

My dad's concealed carry permit is going to expire in the next few months. He got a notice about it recently and he mentioned it to me on Saturday. In the process of talking about it I mentioned that it might be cool to go with him to the mandatory classes and get a permit of my own. This seemed to make him happy.

So, yeah. I may be taking up target shooting again as a way of hanging out a bit with my dad (there is a shooting accuracy element of the concealed carry exam). My dad was born in the US, but he grew up dirt poor and largely in Mexico (which has some amazingly strict, but relatively ineffective gun laws) and I think that contributed to his fascination with firearms. He's got quite the arsenal and I remember spending many a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at the local gun range (which was also a convenient place to set off fireworks on the 4th of July) learning how to properly shoot (including doing long distance stuff which was always quite challenging). I was pretty damn good at it too.

For some reason (i.e. inertia/laziness) I've never really pursued marksmanship on my own, but I think I might like to give it a shot (har har har, bad pun intended ;) again. I know some folks are very very very anti-gun, but I actually have quite a few very positive memories of growing up learning to do that with my dad and it would be nice to re-visit some of those old days while he's still around.

I'm also contemplating going hunting with my dad this fall. I'm really not a huge fan of it, but that's his only "vacation" during the year and as he's gotten older I can tell it's getting harder and harder for him to do it (it's actually pretty grueling). Last year he was definitely having second thoughts about going but my nephew went with him and they both seemed to enjoy it. If they're both up for going again, I think I'd have fun too (that's a big if though since my nephew just started college this year and is likely to want to do typical college kid things). The main reason I never really liked going hunting with my dad was that I'd end up having to hang out with him and his friends (who I have absolutely nothing in common with) and that always felt weird. Let's face it, they're old-fashioned conservatives macho men who drink beer etc... and I'm pretty much the exact opposite... sounds like loads of fun right? ;). Having someone who isn't one of the "good old boys" around to hang out with would be cool and my dad is pretty cool to hang out with too (if nothing else at least he's used me being me).

Anyways, just something I'm pondering. I'll probably talk to my dad and my nephew in the next few weeks to see if it's do-able. I'd like to be able to go with my dad and my nephew to spend some time with both of them and to make it easier on my dad. I know he really enjoys the whole "rugged outdoors" thing and if I can help him get out there a few more years that would be cool (he's in his late 60s so he probably doesn't have that many more seasons left :-/ not a pleasant thought, but yeah... a though).

For the record though, if I do go, I'd largely be going "camping" (which I really like doing) while everyone else is "hunting", heh, I'd probably be more interested in getting good photos of the trip than with bagging anything (I'm quite content to "bag" my meat at the local supermarket ;).


Heh, dude you really need to move down to NM :-p

Things have been hectic so I haven't talked to my dad about it recently but I plan to as soon as I get a chance. I actually kind of like the idea of working with guns again, especially now that I'm better able to work with them (as opposed to being a kid and not realy able to own one when I last did a lot of target shooting etc...)
Yea hunting is a big camping trip with an added purpose but doesn't mean ya can't go and just camp. I use to play golf with my dad because thats what he does, I suck horribly at the game and find it more enjoyable to watch on TV then play so I don't play any more but it was nice to get out there with dad when I did "play". I can understand your interest in going along. I don't see my dad ever hopping on a mtn. bike or digging through old books in a library so it's pretty much up to me to do something he likes, just wish it wasn't golf some days! haha. Good luck, I'm sure there will be some good things to come of it.
Heh, between golf and hunting I think hunting sounds more entertaining :-p. That's pretty much the boat I'm in. I also do gardening around my house because that's something my dad loves doing. I'd do some on my own even if he wasn't but I seek him out for suggestions, plants so he can impart wisdom (one of his favorit hobbies ;).

Although it looks like I may have to learn golf soon too. For busines-rubbing-elbows purposes and because the girl's dad is big into golf so I may end up doing that as a bit of kissing up</i> family bonding ;)
I've been target shooting for years now, and find it a nice relaxing hobby that I'm actually 1/2 good at (as opposed to other sports). My stepdad got me into it. He's one of those people with an arsenal, too... No, he probably doesn't NEED the Russian SKS, but he has fun with it. Funny thing, too, though is that he's not a hunter and doesn't even allow hunting on his land. Instead, he has some of those wildlife cameras that have the motion sensors, or he takes out his 35mm and waits--kinda like a hunter would. I don't think guns are necessarily bad--just many of the idiots who use them!
That's cool. If only you lived closer I could drag you out target shooting :)

Eh, I find it interesting how the anti-gun folks go after things like AK-47s, Uzi's etc... and they largely ignore Saturday Night Special type handguns (and the related trade in illegal weapons for illegal purposes). You'd think they'd figure out that educating people about dangerous things would be more effective than trying to pretend that they don't exist.