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Doing a little bit...

Screw it. I'm tired of just sitting here, hearing about how poorly we handled this situation, it's not much, but I called the local Red Cross (their # is 915-592-0208) and I'll be doing one of their volunteer training courses tomorrow afternoon. In case anyone is interested, they're being done at the Civic Center, Dock A, tomorrow from 1pm-6pm and Thusday from 9am-2pm.

I don't know how much help I can be, but eh, I might as well help a little. It's hard to believe, but even way out here at the other end of Texas we got several hundred evacuees and there is apparently a need for volunteers. I don't really have any cash to give, but hopefully some time can be helpful.

I also called the local Civic Center Volunteer Line (their # is 915-541-4145, they're not affiliated with the RC) and left my name with them, who knows if they'll get back to me though, they seemed a lot less coordinated than the Red Cross.


ask them to start a good authentic soul food restaurant here!!
Oy dude.
mmm...forbidden soul food...*droool*
good for you.
thanks :)
Bravo! we are trying to find something useful to do as well. If nothing else we are going to assist in collecting food I think. I'm with ya on the just have to do something.
Hey every little bit helps. It's a bit shocking how quickly it faded from the news at this point. I guess we as a poeple can only deal with limited amounts of disasters.
Yea it's unfortunate that it has faded away so soon, I have been wondering how things are going over there. It can be hard being bombarded with others pain and suffering every day, guess people need a beak after a while. It would be nice to see that resurface in the news again real soon though.