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Well said....

This guy sums up my feelings about our delightful administration:

"Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!! Go fuck yourself!!!"

(the file in case the other places are slow)


Nice! Right on CNN.
It wasn't me, but no way could I have said it better myself. Now I want to see several thousand people chanting it in Washington.
while I'd love to say it, I dunno if I'da had the balls to say it out loud like that. I'da likely ended up in Gitmo :-P
When they come get me, I at least hope its in the middle of winter.
Cheney's reaction was priceless: Off-the-cuff partisan hum. . . oh, wait.
According to FNC's Shep Smith, the guy was approached by police officers and (unofficially/not confirmed) was given a citation for "disorderly conduct."

Psh..I'd call it exercising his free speech. W/ the courthouse damaged and no mail service...does he still have to pay the fine? LOL
Well, it looks like technically he could be cited for disorderly conduct, but given the circumstances he could probably fight it in court (and there's a decent chance of being successful).

Ah the joys of learning the legal system ;)