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The way of the sword...

Well after a bit of waffling I am officially signed up for Kendo classes again.

I'm really looking forward to it.


if i remember right, last time you were out in LA you were quite interested in big sword like things in chinatown...
Heh, yeah. I do have a fondness for knives and swords :)
are you gonna do the 2nd part too?
Yeah, practice is definitely going to be interesting. The group has grown considerably since I started it the first time around a few years ago and it seems that we're getting a lot less attention as beginners. That's a bit unfortunate, but if I stick with it (which I plan to do) there should be plenty of more experienced folks to practice with (during class at least) down the road. Right now though it's going to be interesting.
Oh, if you get very good at it will you train in making your own swords? Then you could MAKE ME A WEAPON! (I'm sorry, I think the pregnancy hormones are twisting my sense of humour. Please don't ban me from your journal for making bad jokes.)
Heh, I won't ban you, but I reserve the right to whap you over the head with a nerf bat or extra-firm pillow at some point in the future :-p