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... and in other news

Courtesy of Boing Boing, for any of you folks who like puzzle type games, check out Professor Fizzwizzle. It's fun, the graphics are amusing and the puzzles are genuinely challenging (in fact it's the first game in a long time that I not only bought but which has kept my attention for a while). I got my almost 40 year old brother and my 3 year old niece playing it and they both love it :). I highly recommend this game.

Oh, and for you fans of old school games, Lemmings was implemented in DHTML. Now you can help those funky blue lemmings make it out alive (or not if you're in a particularly evil mood ;).


Lemming link doesn't work...

that game reminds me of Frank. It was the first game I ever "borrowed" from somebody :-P
your icon trips me out

it's kind of like a lava lamp

you can't stop watching...