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"Hello? Hello? I'm trying to reach Brownie..."

My niece sent me this. I thought it would be good for a laugh.


LOL! Fucking great!
Shocking I know.

Re: Why do you hate America?

Heh, tease :-p

that's not funny!

i sometimes have problems with telephones, too. :(

Re: that's not funny!

Heh, that's ok, you're not the "leader of the free world" (TM)

hahahahahhaa my dad does that sometimes

Suddenly I'm starting to reconsider the wisdom in posting that photo :-p

I can't even put into words how amused I am right now...
Heh, cool. I aim to amuse (and if I can do it at the Monkey in Chief's expense then all the better ;)
I am so not suprised. He's a moronic oaf.
Hey now, watch it. There's no need to insult oafs (moronic or otherwise). Curious George is in a class by himself.