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Fun with swords...

First evening of kendo. Wish me luck.


don't kill anybody...or yourself :-P
No worries, at this level we practice with non-pointy sticks (although eventually iaido does let you use semi-sharpened swords)
Heh, actually it's all fun and games until your body decides that it's time to remind you what happens when you don't use certain muscle groups in certain ways in a long time.

Today was my first day of excrutiating soreness from this week's practices.
good luck! sounds like fun.
Thanks! It was, now I'm just really sore from practice. It's good soreness but it still hurts, and I feel like an 80 year old walking up my stairs.
heh. understood. i do that every time i go to the gym, since i don't seem to be able to make it there more than once every couple of weeks.
Heh, I know exactly how that goes.