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Neener Neener Neener

Well, it looks like we may have to take Mythbusters' conclusions with large grain of salt from now on. Dear old MIT managed to replicate a "myth" that the Mythbusters had "busted"

What was the myth in question?

Archimedes Death Ray!

Ah, makes me miss the good old days at the 'tute.


my officemates & i suspect it'd require many less mirrors in the greecian sun... they should totally hope down to miami to redo this expt, during the winter (not hurricane season) or hope out here to s. cal. massachusetts sun just isn't very bright!

whee! fire!
oops i meant hop, not hope. not sure where that came from...
Heh, I know if I was in charge of that project I'd have lobbied to do a test in a warmer climate, but I suspect the powers that be wouldn't be all that enthusiastic to foot the airfare to Greece (or Miami).
uh...weren't we just talking about this a couple of weeks ago?
Well, I was just reflecting my psycho neighbor's halogen light back at his house. I stopped a bit short of designing a death ray :-p
The first time I watched mythbusters, I was far less than impressed with their scientific reasoning abilities. It's still cute, but it is not serious science-I wouldn't give them an A on a high school science project.
Yeah, I used to like watching mythbusters but that was largely due to the attention they paid to building their contraptions. I'm sure they have actual engineers crunching numbers and figuring out what they're doing and the hosts are largely there to be entertaining, but I do recall often rolling my eyese at their approach to the myths they were busting.

Still though, IMO, any show that encourages people to think about myths a little more closely is a good thing (especially given the current political climate and some politician's inability to distinguish myth from fact)