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Kendo pics

Note: this was supposed to get posted last night, but my ISP had other plans


Here are a couple of photos from this evening's kendo practice. No, they're not photos of me (I still haven't bought the fancy armor yet), but I thought they give you a good idea of what I'm working towards. Sadly I'm at the point where I can sort of see where I want to go (as far as having proper form etc...) but my actual skills leave me looking less like a samurai warrior and more like a caveman with a club.


hahaha that kind of looks like the backstage practice of a star wars play.

caveman with club is a funky look!!

hahaha also, it makes me incredibly happy that you said "a couple of photos" instead of a "a couple photos" !!!!!!!! I seem to be constantly reading american stuff lately and it all says "a couple" instead of "a couple OF" and it drives me NUTS!!!! [/rant]
Heh, yeah well Star Wars borrowed from the original japanese Kendo forms extensively when they were coming up with it's fighting style. You'll notice that it looks a lot different than the classical european fencing stances

Heh, I've never noticed anyone saying "a couple ______", but it's entirely possible that I just fill in the "of" when I'm reading. I know it sounds weird if you say "a couple photos" (then again people don't seem to understand that if it doesn't sound right when you say it, it's probably not written right in the first place)

Oh, and that's Captain Caveman to you :-p