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Well Duh....

Poll: More say Bush will be seen as unsuccessful

It's about time people figured this out.

Of course reading those numbers reminds me of one thing. People, by and large, are stupid and uninformed. I don't mean to say that everyone is (far from it), but increasingly, it seems clear that there are a lot of people (possibly a majority) who are perfectly happy being told what to think/believe and for some perverse reason those are often the people who are most gung-ho about those beliefs (most cults can only dream of having members that devoted).

After all, we're currently engaged in combat in multiple countries, what could 12% of the poll's respondents possibly be smoking to make them think that prolonged war/combat wouldn't have a negative impact on our national debt? Even if you like Bush, how could people think that his presidency is not going to be viewed at least somewhat negatively at this point?

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