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Wyler Aerial Tramway, Sept 2005

I hadn't been up here since I was a little kid. It had been closed for several years because insurance costs had become prohibitively expensive, but once it was taken over by the parks service they got that squared away and it re-opened some years back. This was my first visit back to Wyler Aerial Tramway.

To put it in perspective, Ranger Peak (the top end of the Tramway) is the one with the right-most antenna (and this photo is from the roof of my house):

After a drive up a narrow winding road (which I didn't photograph because I was the one driving up the narrow winding road ;), you reach the lower station. While waiting to go up the mountain, you get a better feel of how far up you'll be going:

This particular attraction isn't all that great for people who suffer from vertigo. After all, if it's a long way up, it's also a long way down...

However, once you make it up, the views are spectacular...

... and in case you've ever wondered just how close to the border I live...

In the first photo, you can see part of central El Paso, and Juarez, Mexico (the curving line at the top right hand side is the Rio Grande, the border between the U.S. and Mexico). The patch of green in the middle is Memorial Park, and if you look at the second photo, the orange arrow is pointing at my house.

Once you've wandered around the observation decks, it's time to head back down:

and in case you thought the current accommodations were a bit cramped and scary, take a look at what people used to ride in:

So much for the "good old days" ;)


Heh, my brothers are huge Prince fans so between the 3 of us, I think we have just about everything he's ever put out. Iirc that's a b-side based on get-off and it was originally put out as a maxi-single like 10 years ago or so. If you have trouble tracking down a copy, let me know.

The tram is very cool and it's like 10 minutes from my house so it's definitely something I want to check out again. If you ever get the urge to swing out this way, let me know, maybe I can go with.
awesome :) i will let you know, and thanks for the offer! i havent got to slsk yet, prolly by this weekend...

nice icon. haha i forgot his name! raaaa!