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Ok, now this, this pissed me off:

Iraq airstrikes kill dozens in Ramadi area

The U.S. military said Monday that coalition forces launched airstrikes ... killing "an estimated 70 terrorists."


an Iraqi doctor who reported 20 people killed -- including six children -- and 25 wounded said all those were civilians. An Iraqi Ministry of Health official also said one child was killed and two women wounded in the airstrikes.

and what's our brilliant response to those allegations?

Military officials said they had no reports of civilians killed.

I wonder if those are the same military officials that targeted the wrong building and accidentally blew up the Chinese Embassy during Clinton's presidency.

Or perhaps they're working from the same play-book that Brown had when he got called out for not knowing that there were people trapped in NOLA despite the fact that there were news crews broadcasting from those areas.

Either way, it's more than just a little disgusting that we're still using airstrikes in Iraq even after the Iraqi government has asked us to stop using them because they tend to kill innocent civilians. Of course I'm sure our response would be that it's the only way to minimize U.S. casualties with the unspoken understanding that we don't really care about Iraqi casualties (civilian or otherwise) so long as we can minimize our casualties (never mind that we did start the damn war).

Not to mention the fact that EVERY time there is an airstrike people drag out dead kids and run around in front of TV crews crying and carrying on. I mean, even if (by some miracle) our military intelligence was really accurate, it doesn't change the fact that airstrikes never look good and they probably serve to anger the people being bombed more than they help us by maybe killing terrorists.

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