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Ok, so I'm caught in between "this Old House" and "decorate for Halloween" modes lately and I am having trouble making a decision. Which would be a better or more amusing thing to build:

a) A coffin

b) Functional (but not lethal) electric chair

c) Medieval stocks

Realistically I could probably make c regardless of which of a or b I pick, but I'm not sure which would be more amusing for general halloween/home decor. I've got both designed but I'm pretty sure that I could only make one of them in time for Halloween this year (but hey, I can always make the other one for Christmas ;). The coffin would take more wood-working since I want it to be a traditional truncated long diamond (as opposed to a plain rectangular box), but the electric chair would involve finding a few things that I don't currently have on hand.

So which should it be? Oh, and feel free to suggest other morbid/seasonal items that I might have overlooked. I've been looking for some twisted home improvement projects and all suggestions would be welcome ;)


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