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I was making some serious progress on finishing up that evil take-home midterm until this comic strip suddenly applied:

So, yeah...

I'll be over here getting back to work, re-doing a couple of pages worth of stuff, and being somewhat grumpy that I'm in grad school right now.


:((((((( that sucks man. good luck!
Thanks. Looks like things worked out for the best in the end, but I never want to be in that situation again. I need to get on top of the whole backing up thing too.

Gah, add it to the list of 1,000,001 things I need/want to do.
i love PhD!

...and i'm sorry you lost your work.
Thanks. All things considered it ended up being a good thing, but I still remember that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as the spreadsheet and word processor windows closed spontaneously.

Not fun.