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My Halloween Adventure...

So, I had a good weekend and somewhere in there, my brother got the idea that I should help his wife with the haunted house she was doing at her daughter's elementary school.

I was a bit hesitant to go because, well... I find it awkward to walk around a school full of short people. They invariably get in my way and (more problematically) they invariably get bumped out of my way (sometimes without me even noticing). This isn't so much of a problem with the short people I'm related to, but I suspect some of the uptight snooty parents at this school (which is full of uptight snooty parents) would be cross if I bumped their little precious out of my way.

Still though, I was asked nicely and I didn't have any other plans so I figured I might as well go and see what this whole thing was about. The haunted house was pretty good considering the time they had to get it ready and the fact they were using kids for most of the roles.

I ended up pulling "stand there and make sure no kids or parents cause any trouble" duty inside the haunted house and I spent a rather boring hour coaching some of the kids in how to be scarier (rather successfully I might add) and generally wondering why I decided to do this. I should probably mention that I was costume-less so I also got a few annoying "oooh that's a really scary mask" comments... usually from parents, but I stuck with it until the end.

All that was worth it though because I gave one asshole one of the best scares of the night. Some guy (a parent in fact) was walking through with his kid and yelling at all the kids in there and going "Haha!! You're not scary! Haha!" He did that to the kids near me and they seemed to get bummed because he was being pretty obnoxious about it. He came up to me as I stood, at my full height and he got me with his usual line, so I looked down at him a bit, looked him straight in the eyes and said, in a very deep voice "I'm not a volunteer, I'm not supposed to be here..." and glared/smiled at him with a vaguely crazy look.

His eyes bugged out and he hustled his kid out of there with a nervous look over his shoulder as I waved bye.

Apparently I make a pretty good crazy person ;).

A few minutes later, one of the ladies who helped organize the event came back and asked if anything strange had happened back there because a man had come out looking really uncomfortable (although the jerk didn't even tell anyone about his encounter, he apparently just left).

After that adventure in babysitting (grown-ups mostly) I went with my brother and sister as they took my brother's kids trick or treating. That was entertaining, although I did observe that trick or treaters do bear a striking and frightening resemblance to locusts as they descend on houses with treats. After the kids had their fill of begging for food, we made a quick trip to my brother's house for some chili and a little Monday Night Football and then I came home to talk to my girl.

All things considered it was a rather amusing Halloween.

Hope everyone had a good one.

Now time to sleep.

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