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Saying good-bye is by far the hardest part of every visit.

s left this morning and I was already missing her as I left the airport. It didn't help that this last visit was awesome and everything just clicked and worked out right (even things that didn't work out exactly as planned still worked out well) plus we got to go away together for the first time and I got to share some great news with her (some business related stuff worked itself out this week and it was great having her around to share it with).

I'll do a more in depth post later, but for now I just wanted to say I'm back and I've been catching up on everyone's adventures of the past week. Despite missing my girl and feeling a bit lonely today, life is good and we're doing great. There will be more ramblings to come soon.


If anyone knows how rough that kind of goodbye is, it's me. Man,I feel for ya. Glad things went well, though. That's awesome!
Thanks dude, it helps knowing that other folks have been through those good-byes. They're always tough, but knowing they're only temporary helps so much.

yay for love

Wow, Vic... I am SO HAPPY for you. Sincerely! You sound really happy, and that rules :)

Hopefully we can get together one of these days, we have missed ya, man (it's been awhile!)

Re: yay for love

Thanks, I really am happy.

Oh, and yeah, we definitely need to hang out more. It's been way too long since I've seen you guys.
Welcome back. Nice to see she's now a user icon!
Heh, yeah, the sign of a true romance, making an icon of my sweetie and I :-p
Right, gaaaayyyyyyy.

Just Kidding. I thought you'd dig the reference though. =)

Uh oh... the icon. You must really be falling. YAY!!! : )
Heh, that's an understatement.

But, it's amazing how much nicer it is when it's a mutual thing. Then it just feels right.