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annoyed gromit


Guess what I did yesterday?

If you guessed lying on the couch fighting the first signs of a cold you'd be right. All things considered the timing was pretty much perfect since I didn't have any plans for the weekend and I'm glad s and I got to enjoy her visit without either of us being sick, but still, talk about kicking someone when they're down (and she was coming down with a little bit of something last night too).

After taking a lot of vitamin C I think I'm doing better, but I suspect that I'm going to be in that annoyingly fragile "one wrong step and I'll be in bed sick as a dog" state for a while. Also, as luck would have it I also have a pretty busy week planned so being sick in bed isn't really an option.

Of course, the funny part of this is that I'm suddenly in the mood to post and start catching up with the nifty stuff I'd been meaning to post about but I'm tired enough that sitting at the computer for more than 5-10 minutes at a time is actually a bit difficult.

Oh well, I'll be back later, probably after lunch and a nice nap.


Love that show/song. Hope you feel 100% soon.
Thanks, working on it.
Better to get sick just after the visit, ey?

It sucks to get sick, but I won't complain about the timing.
That sucks.

I'm almost better, but I suspect my annoying cough/throat thing is going to stick around for a while.
Zinc losenges. I swear by them. Suck on them throughout the day... they taste like ass and you'll get cotton mouth but they'll kill a cold quicker than Vitamin C any day.
So where do you find these things? I tried looking for 'em but I couldn't find any. I'm almost better, but I wouldn't mind bein prepared for the next time.
take care of you, and get back to being healthy soon...

*hugs* to you as well.

I'll try and give you a call soon.