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Hello there. Why, yes, I am *gasp* updating my journal. Shocking, I know.

I've had a busy fun exciting... ummmm....

Ok, let's just say it's been interesting and I'm writing up the appropriate entries (with photos) that I'll hopefully post later tonight. Why am I making multiple smaller posts instead of one mega-ginormous post? Well, because several of the things to report are substantial enough that I want to give them their own posts and the others I want to backdate so they are in the correct chronological location. However, keep in mind that:

a) I have a hacking cough and sore throat that is (at times) making me sound like a cross between an 80 year old chronic chain smoker and Barry White

b) I'm on the phone with my girl and she's sick too so that sucks.

c) I have to edit the photos and write the entries in the first place

d) I have discovered the television joy which is House (season 1 to be exact) which may will affect how efficient I am at doing the posts in the first place,

e) I have to work tomorrow (so I'll probably be up late tonight because working with heavy machinery and power tools is so much more fun when you're sleep deprived)

So yeah, more posts, photos, and rantings coming up soon. Oh, and Happy New Year's to everyone. Mine wasn't terribly exciting by traditional standards, but it made me very happy so I'm not complaining (hey, I may not have gotten a New Year's kiss yet, but I did get a rain check on one ;). Life is pretty much ok and it's been interesting, but I'll fill you guys in on the details shortly. I just wanted to get a Happy New Year post in today.

Hope everyone is doing well as we start the new year.

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