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Yikes, just yikes.....

I ran across these recently. I'm rather scared now....

How to Score with depressed Chicks

How to Tell if your Son is a Hacker

Not so much because they might be real but because someone out there is going to think that they are actually damn good ideas and will actually try to apply them in real life somehow.... It kind of makes you miss the days of kids jumping off of roofs with capes... errr... blankets tied around their necks.


Lunix? Isn't Linus Finnish? That part looks like it was written by a hardcore/loyal M$ employee hahaha
I doubt it, it's more like something you would expect to hear from some rabid M$ supporter (and that would almost definately exclude anyone who actually works on M$ products ;). The really scary thing is that there are some parents out there who would believe this whole-heartedly.