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... and in other news.

In case anyone is wondering why I've been even less social than usual... it's because I'm still sick.

I just can't seem to fully shake the cold/flu/plague that hit me last month. Not to worry though, it is 90% gone and on the whole I feel mostly good, but the last little bit that's sticking around is annoying. It's just enough to make me hate getting up in the morning and enough to make sleeping a problem, but not enough to justify staying home or anything fun like that... It's enough to make me dread doing anything beyond coming home and vegging out being not-active.

Hopefully it'll be gone soon (I really can tell that I'm getting better.... very very very slowly but surely). Of course the pessimist in me can't help but dread that it's just going to hang around indefinitely.

Oh well, if nothing else, I do seem to have lost a little weight thanks to being sick. Although it would be nice if I could lose weight without strange lingering (but not contagious :-p) illnesses.

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