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Spring 2006 Classes...

So, in the span of 9 hours I managed to sort out my schedule, get an emergency loan so I can go to class on Tuesday and it only took 2 trips to UTEP and possibly signing away my immortal soul somewhere in the loan paperwork. Fun.

This semester I'll be taking

MW - Hazardous/Special Waste Management
TR - Infrastructure Management

I know, I know, I'm sure you're all just green with envy (what's sad is that I'm actually looking forward to taking both classes)


Hazardous/Special Waste Management... I think EVERY man should be required to take that class!

Good luck this semester!
Why? so they know what they're doing when they have a kid and have to change diapers? :-P hehe
I was just thinking of your own bodily functions! LOL!
In that case there must be something horribly wrong with your fella's digestive system :-p
Haha... I think I have to do a class on waste management too! Not sure if it's this year though. Hurray for having fun with awful-sounding subject matter!
Waste Management is actually an interesting concept. Certainly something to think about when you're building things in the first place.

Cool thing being that I think I have an idea for where I might want to go with my thesis for Masters and possibly even Doctorate level work.
whoa...Friday's free?
Shockingly yes.