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Don't do that, you're only encouraging them...

I was just reminded that I am officially a contributing member of MIT's Alumni Fund. I think this means someone somewhere is going to revoke my "I'm still a kid" card or something.

You see, most/all of my family has this weird way of being philanthropic (sp?). All things considered, I think we have differing enough world views that some of our contributions to stuff have actually cancelled each other out ;). So anyways, I had been feeling like I should contribute to something, so a couple of months ago I contributed a tiny amount to the alumni fund. Now I'm on the "real" mailing lists as a contributing alum.

I think I should have just bought a DVD instead of giving them the money. I can't help but thinking this is going to make them try harder and I tend to not have much money left over once I spend it on stuff, stuff for cars, and stuff for friends and family.

Not to mention that I feel old now. I could have sworn that I just graduated from high school (all of 7 years ago). I guess it just feels really odd to be an alum. I still remember how terrified I was when I realized just how behind I was the first week of school freshman year (fortunately as my El Paso friends and I discovered, that actually put us ahead since we were used to being behind and feeling lost so by the time that finals rolled around we were ok with things and lots of our friends were barely starting to panic ;).

So yeah, I think I'm going to have to bribe someone so I can keep that card....