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Political Incorrectness....

Two interesting news items for my fellow malcontents...

First off, isn't it funny how the conservatives didn't protest this one half as much as the other one?

and secondly, it seems sad (not to mention disgusting, pathetic, and generally stupid) that law students had to school the U.S. Attorney General on matters of law, but I'm glad they had the balls to do it:

Yeah, I'm tempted to rant about just how stupid the whole debacle is, but those photos pretty much sum up how I feel about the situation. We shouldn't need to have a discussion about why the United States government should follow all the laws of the United States (shocking concept). The government should be scrupulous about being more law-abiding than the average citizen. Instead, ours seems seems quite happy to just break any laws that are inconvenient (nevermind that they've sworn to uphold those same laws) in their holy crusade to preserve and deliver unto us their own peculiar vision/version of freedom and democracry. Well, they'll deliver them to you provided (of course) that you agree with them, otherwise you won't get either, they'll just put a turban on your head or paint you blue and discount you entirely (if you're lucky).

Photos found on this LJ post and here is CNN's coverage of the event: Gonzales defends wiretaps amid protest


GOOD JOB to those students! It is so nice to see intelligent protests from today's youth. It's nice to see that young people are aware of what's going on around them. I had not seen this story (missed the news this morning), so thank you for putting it up.

The Patriot Act scares me... as it should everyone. I am TIRED of this administration branding the words "fight terrorism" "freedom" and "security" on every one of their schemes that are questioned. And what's worse is people FALL for it when they label it "in the interest of national security." Stop being afriad of being seen as unpatriotic and stand up for what is RIGHT, people!
And THIS is exactly what I mean!

"President Bush heads to the National Security Agency on Wednesday for another speech defending his controversial spying program, one that he insists should be called a “terrorist surveillance program” — not domestic spying without a warrant."

Good on them! How refreshing to see a creative, non-violent, non-yobbo protest that actually gets the point across AND gets publicity across America. This is the kind of protest I always wanted to be involved in. When I joined the protest against VSU over here (Voluntary Student Unionism, aka voluntary taxes for student services: our universities still haven't recovered from the last time they brought it in, and now we've got it again) there were all these people insisting that a violent or property-destroying protest was the way to go. (Luckily they didn't succeed in stirring people up and the protest was peaceful - but then it wasn't a very big one.)

I believed then, and I still believe now, that they were wrong. And here's the proof that you can have an effective protest without violence or yobbo-ism.
By the way, I think it's really interesting that some of the news stations tried to broadcast the speech by changing angles so that the viewer couldn't see the protest.

That's just unbelievable. The audacity to believe that they knew what was best for their audience! Not to mention the fact that they could have turned a politician's boring speech into something really interesting and controversial and raised their ratings!! What were they thinking?!