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stupid stupid

Sometimes I just don't get it...

Ignoring depressing national news for the time being, This particular quote from one of the local County Commissioners really made me scratch my head. He's talking about a guy who's trying to refurbish and re-open a hotel downtown. In order to do it he's asked for (and received) some pretty hefty tax abatements as incentives for the project. I won't bore you with the details, but basically, guy wants to re-open a hotel and doing so will help the city even just so it doesn't have a big abandoned building right off the interstate anymore. Some complicated financial wrangling has gone on and he's gotten most of what he wanted so he's almost set to go.

One of the Commissioners who didn't like his plan said the following (from this article):

Commissioner Dan Haggerty: "I'm disappointed. I think it was determined early on that Mr. Scherr has done his homework and convinced these people. It's frustrating, (the hotel) is going to assess a lot of taxes and the taxpayers are not going to get it."

Oh the humanity! A businessman does his "homework" comes up with a workable deal to take a property that isn't producing many taxes and start making money with it and he asks the city and county to let him keep part of the taxes from it for X number of years. After those years are over they city and county both get their cuts again and for the entire time we don't have a big old abandoned hotel in the middle of downtown (both an eyesore and a safety hazard).

Regardless of how someone feels about the overall deal or the specifics of it, if doing your "homework" and convincing people that you have a reasonable idea is bad, then I really have to wonder about the people running the government.


eyesore fo' real. i wish they'd hurry up and fix that building or just tear it down already.