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Back from the big D

I'm back.

Driving Just under 700 miles in under 10 hours is hard.

Tired Now.

Post more later.


BTW, THANK YOU for sending the info I requested :). You were one of the few people who fulfilled the request. :)
No problem.

I must admit I was curious as to why you requested it.
Let us know about the new truck as soon as you have the engergy! I'm sure you've broken it in by now!
Well it only took 4 days (not eve 96 hours though) of ownership before I got started customizing/moding it to my liking.

First thing to go so far was the nice, fully functional stock radio (which sounded good, but had issues playing burned CDs and couldn't do MP3s). I now have a nice simple MP3/CD player that I can add an amp and subs to as I get the chance.

It still just amazes me that this truck is pretty much exactly what I was looking for in all the important ways (e.g. sunroof). The few little things I'm not crazy about are super-minor and easy to sort out as time/money allowes (and of those, the radio was the most pressing/obvious one)

Aside from that and putting about 1,000 miles on it this weekend, I haven't broken it in... well not in any interesting ways... not yet at least :-p