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Sometimes it's the little things...

... that make you feel that maybe you can actually do some cool stuff.

Like taking a decent computer that you're given because it's "fried", swapping out one dead component, re-attaching cables and components that were pulled during the previous owner's attempts to fix it and having a functional computer again.

I'll need to get a permanent replacement part, but hey, the computer is working again and that's a start (not to mention I now have a new 2.1 Ghz machine to play with). I had planned on turning it into a permanent windows box to save myself the hassle of switching back and forth between Linux and Windoze on Moya, but I'm also tempted to take it apart and make it into a mame cabinet (it's currently living inside an HP box which I really don't like all that much)

Hmmm... decisions decisions...

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