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For a while now, driving up and down the Border Highway has been a little more amusing.

Can you spot the object of my amusement in this photo?

Take a closer look...

Yup, that's a cell phone tower masquerading as a palm tree. It's the only tower in the city that's sporting camouflage and while I'm not exactly sure why this lone cell phone tower was cleverly disguised, it never ceases to amuse me on my way to and from my folks' place.


You mean the fake palm tree cell tower? They find the darndest places to "hide" those things these days.
I think the amusing thing was I was looking at the picture and said to myself "let's see, beige car, red truck, cell phone tower masquerading as a palm tree, tall pole with a wire coming off it, thing that looks like a bucket on a pole in the distance. . . where's the joke?"

The fact that they stuck the palm tree tower amongst what looks to me like evergreens is funny as hell though.
That looks retarded!!!!

We have palm trees out here and they haven't started doing that yet. I hope they never do.

Arizona just plops them up and doesn't care how they look. As it should be. Move over nature! That's what I say! :)
in our area they make them look like pine trees. tall, thin pine trees that are 2x the height of the others around them.

That palm tree is a radio thingy.
Well, I'll be dipped......