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Colonel Sander's Bucket kicked the Bucket...

What was I saying about coming across random strange things in my day to day life?

You've all seen the KFC buckets on top of their signs right?

Well, as an object lesson of just how windy El Paso can be. This is what I came across near my house today:

Apparently our high winds managed to do a wee bit of damage to the colonel's bucket, and (as if that wasn't surreal enough) the manager-type fellow standing watch over it had a rather amusing expression. I'm thinking he's trying to figure out how he's going to explain this to the powers that be. That'll be fun right?

Manager: "We lost the bucket."
TPTB: "So? We have lots in the storeroom."
Manager: "No, we lost THE bucket"
TPTB: "THE? bucket"
Manger: "Yes, THE bucket"
TPTB: "Wait, which bucket?"
Manager: "The big bucket on the top of the sign"
TPTB: "How did you lose an eight foot tall bucket the size of a small car?"
Manager: "It was windy"
TPTB: "How windy?"
Manager: "VERY windy"
TPTB: "Was it like a tornado or a hurricane?"
Manager: "No, it was just windy"
TPTB: "But, what do you call that?"
Manager: "The wind?"
TPTB: "Doesn't it have a better name?"
Manager: "The Strong Wind?"
TPTB: "Have you been drinking?

etc... etc....

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