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Carslbad Caverns, March 2006

Well, it only took me a week to get around to posting about it, but last week iridium & l_stboy wandered into town on their epic cross country-ish drive. Tuesday, I helped Robin swap the old dying radio out of Matilda and we replaced it with a much newer radio with a much longer projected lifespan. Wednesday we headed out to Carlsbad Caverns before they continued their trek to the East.

I took a lot of photos as I tried to figured out the ins and outs of my new-ish camera and I was surprised at how much better I've gotten at doing low-light photography since my last significant attempt at photographing the caverns (August 2003). I was actually surprised at how many photos came out ok although I did find one piece of photography equipment that I'll definitely take on future trips. I may also have to revisit the idea of picking up a good digital SLR camera too*

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here is batch #1 of photos from the caverns.

Here we have the entrance to the caverns. Just your typical gigantic hole in the wall/ground. No matter how many times I come here, seeing this is always exciting.

A reverse view of part of the winding path and the entrance in the "twilight zone" part of the cave.

A perspective shot of Robin standing next to one of the random formations. One of the smaller formations.

In one example of exceptionally good timing, we happened to be hanging out looking into the lower cave when one of the super secret ninja tours came by. We'd thought about going on one ourselves (you can see photos from an actual SSNT in the August 2003 photo set), but were foiled by spring break and hordes of people swarming around the caves. It wasn't terrible, but I much prefer the less crowded days.

Random photo of the cave with Robin & Terry blurred in he foreground.

If you want to see more photos from the trip check out the Thumbnail Page with links to all the photos I liked.

* I didn't want to go off on a camera rant, but the little Elph 550 is great for 80% of the stuff I want to shoot (and being tiny it often finds its way into my backpack or the pockets of my cargo pants), but there's that nagging 20% of random weird stuff I get it into my head to photograph where it would be nice to have the extra flexibility from an SLR. I'll have to ponder this some more.


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