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Dragon Domestication, part 1...

So, I decided to try the roast recipe from Good Eats for the holiday feast at my parent's house. However being as neurotic as I am, I decided to do a test run this week.

It just so happens that Portia is going to be around Thursday night so that I can do the chauffer bit and drive her to the airport early Friday morning. This also lets her leave her car here and not pay the somewhat steep-ish airport parking fees.

That sounds like a good opportunity to try out a nice bit of cooking and make sure I don't do anything horribly wrong when it comes to the big meal. I'm actually a pretty decent cook (except for this one time with chocolate chip cookies and a slightly misread recipe when I was 12) so I'm not hugely worried, but I do have this thing about wanting things to come out just right when lots of people are counting on me.

I figure some nice roast beast, something, something, and blueberry bread would make for a very nice pseudo-holiday dinner. Yeah, I'm still working on the details. I work well under pressure :)

I am letting the roast sit for the next 36 hours or so. That's about half of the time they suggested on the show, but I'm using about half as much roast, so I figure it should be ok. I'm really quite eager to see how this turns out. It's been way to long since I seriously did a nice dinner for two. There's just something cool about being able to make restaurant quality (or better) food for some small fraction of the cost of going to a restaurant.

Anyhow, the roast is resting and I am off to bed. Hasta.

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