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I am the life of the party...

So what am I doing on a Saturday night?

Well I had some options for going out, but I appear to have slept wrong and my neck is very grumpy. I also have some web stuff I need to deal with so I opted to stay home and make progress on things that can lead to earning money (this also means I can avoid moving and thus causing my neck extra pain, always a plus).

However, all work and no play just ain't happening so I decided some Tetris action on ye olde cell phone was in order while I waited for dinner to finish warming up.

That was the plan at least. By the time I was done I needed to reheat my food, but I'd gotten a new high score:

Yes, I'm a dork, but that was still fun. Well, except for the part where I realized what happens when you don't change position, or blink for prolonged periods of time, ouch!.