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stupid stupid

Boy, I feel safer now...

Apparently in addition to propositioning 14 year-olds for sex, folks at DHS have been busy keeping us safe by:

Case #1) A marine reservists rotating back from Iraq with twenty six other marine's was on the do-not-fly list and it took them an hour to get things sorted out and send him on his way (the article)

Case #2) ATF agents managed to capture a ninja at the University of Georgia. Yes, I said ninja. Let that sink in for a second. Granted it was a sophomore going to a costume party, but still, it's good to know that a person dressed up as a NINJA will be stopped for looking "suspicious". Suddenly I'm thinking the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are in for a rough time this year (Boing Boing's coverage and the article).


Best line in the article: "... he had been back from a previous tour in Iraq for two months and sometimes, Marines in Iraq get gunpowder on their boots."

Clearly he didn't hear about the kids (as in, younger than ten) who have had the misfortune to have the same name as someone on the no fly list.
Well the kids thing is stupid, but IIRC kids are generally waved through even if they are on the list. What trips me out is that it took them a while to sort out that this guy shouldn't have been on the list. I mean he had 26 witnesses who could vouch that he was a marine AND he had the nifty uniform etc...

If nothing else it should tell us that a "do-not-fly" list is fucking stupid. I mean, gosh, if I'm a terrorist now, I find some generic western sounding name (Joe Garcia) get some forged documents and go about my business w/o worrying about the list. The fact that the list has stopped 80 year old grandmothers, 6 year old kids, and returning marines should tell us something about just how well it's working.
before your next plane trip, think you should be sure to take a power washer to your....everything just in case :-P
Heh, somehow I suspect no matter how much we paid, we'd still end up with the same power-tripping goobers. Sadly, jobs like mostly appeal to the leather-sniffer types (and real cop jobs appeal to the more competent bullies out there). Ok, ok so not everyone in those jobs is a jerk w/ a badge and a gun, but those types do seem to make up a depressingly large percentage of the folks who get law enforcement type jobs.