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That is the sound made by a rapidly decompressing pneumatic cylinder like the ones you find at the bottom of most office chairs.

I learned two very important things about drilling into the pneumatic cylinder of an office chair today.

  1. If you have removed the chair's base (i.e. the star shaped bit with the wheels) and you drill into the cylinder, it will rapidly decompress and become a rather high powered projectile capable of flying across the yard (a good 30 feet or so).
  2. Standing at the bottom side of the chair while drilling is a very very very baaaad idea.

Fortunately, I discovered fact 1 independent of fact 2 (something I am most happy about).

Now why would I possibly want to drill into the pneumatic cylinder on an office chair (specifically my office chair)?

Well the cheap-o leather office chair I bought last year is in perfect shape except for one thing. The cylinder kept sliding through the base and it would end up dragging on the chair mat (good thing it was there otherwise it would have been gouging out chunks of wood floor instead of scraping up a $20 chair mat). I've tried a few different solutions and they've all failed after some period of time. So, I finally came up with this solution:

Which works quite well. However, given that I wasn't too far away from personally testing out item 2 on the above list, I think it's time to put the power tools away for the evening and enjoy my newly repaired chair.

(I've been doing home improvement and office improvement stuff lately though so you should see some pictures soon... assuming I don't do anything else that might kill or maim me ;)

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