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purple dragon

New toys...

Well I just got home from a quick trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and I have to say:


Somehow I'd managed to never walk into one of those before. It was cooking geek heaven. A tad pricier than other places, but they have a truly obscene selection of shtuff. I now have a groovy digital thermometer just like Alton Brown :).

I'm really looking forward to doing the roast beast now. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to find a thermometer with an alarm and that I'd be stuck using the old meat thermometer and basically watching it cook for a few hours. I tend to be easily distracted so that was likely to be a huge chore, especially after an hour or two. Now I'm set.

Oh, and I also (finally) picked up a nifty bathroom scale. Fully ISO-Geek Compliant - auto zeros, ultra-thin, lifetime lithium battery (never needs replacing supposedly), and it's in chrome. That goes well with the gothic/industrial look in the house. I think that's part of what I liked about BB&B. While most stores tend to stock things in white, blue, or pastels, these folks have all sorts of nifty things in chrome, stainless steel, etc... I think the only other store I find quite as fun (and financially dangerous) is Lowe's.

It's odd, I like Lowe's and BB&B even more than I like places like CompUSA or Best Buy. I suspect part of this is due to the fact that cooking and home improvement have moved into the realm of small project, so it's possible to walk in with $10.00 and leave with something that you wanted/needed. It's nearly impossible to do that in a computer/electronics store. I suspect there's also the nostalgia factor attached to Lowe's and BB&B. When I walk into Lowe's I can easily think back to being a little one and spending time at the hardware store with my dad. BB&B just reminds me of all the gazillion nifty things that my mom has in her kitchen and it also has lots of random things that get my attention. I mean, heck, they have a section called "kitchen gadgets"!!! :)))) How could I resist?

So - yeah, I'm going to stop drooling over all the nifty new toys I ran across. I should get some work done.