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Estate Sales...

My folks happened to mention that there was an estate sale going on just down the block from where I live today and tomorrow.

I considered going, but when I got up this morning around 7:15 (I had a rough night, couldn't get to sleep) I looked out and saw some cars in front of my house (which isn't all that close to the sale) and a line forming outside the house. The estate sale just started right now at 8 and the line had grown from the front of the house, through the front yard onto the sidewalk, and down to the sidewalk all the way across the front of the house next door.

The fact that there was a long line just strikes me as horribly ghoulish and I really don't feel like going now. Looking at the people waiting and you can tell that they can't wait to run in a start rifling through some poor person's stuff trying to find a "deal" and that just seems icky.

(I know, I know, it's a necessary evil, but it still seems ghoulish... especially with such a long line with such eager people)

Update 8:25: There is still a line to get inside.

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