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phew. This afternoon has been fun (in a not actually fun sort of way). I get to re-do some plans from our original format into the format that city folks seem to understand. Strictly speaking it's not 100% necessary to do this, but I'm tired of having to explain the plans to the city plan-checkers who seem determined to not accept something that isn't drawn the way they are expecting.

What's particularly annoying is that the changes I'm making aren't based on anything that's written down, they're based on what I've had to explain to the plan-checkers 15-20 times in the last year. They always end up accepting the plans as they are submitted but not without costing me a few hours of time down at city hall. So, since work is a bit slow, I decided to make the transition now.

This of course means that I end up fighting with Autocad LT in order to make the new plans. For the most part, I really like working with Autocad and Autocad LT (I've been using them for the last 7 or so years), but I've never been happy with how the full-scale to scaled paper process works. It's particularly annoying if you are trying to plot to a file for a plotter that isn't on the machine in question (e.g. working at home or plotting to the plotter at the local graphics shop). This is one place where I actively like the way a M$ feature works. Specifically I like the way you can define paper etc.. in something like Word or Excel and then get a real print preview (i.e. with the letters pictures shown on it) so that you can see about how much space the thing to be printed takes up. The version of Autocad that I have just shows you an outline of the block you are printing overlayed on the paper you have selected but it doesn't show any details.

Oh, and views are also a big pain to get just right. I kind of get the impression that this might be easy if you had someone explain this process in detail, but so far all the architects and engineers I've run across only sort of understand how they got it working right on their systems with their plotters and while that's cool for them, it's a pain if you need to work in other spaces.

Oh well, at least I do get to work from home this afternoon so I can stop in a bit and do some cleaning and relaxing before diving in again later tonight. Trudge trudge trudge.

One nice pick-me-up this afternoon was getting to politely tell a few tele-marketers to put me on their do not call list. In the last 6 months or so I've cut down the volume of telemarketing calls by a good 70-80%. I was actually somewhat surprised that I got 3 calls today. Lately I've been getting almost none (down from getting 4 or 5 per evening). So that cheered me up (yes, I'm a strange boy).

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