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A thought...

"The Fox News Channel is the most trusted news source in America, according to a new poll released by the BBC and Reuters that surveyed 10,000 news consumers around the world."

I think it's safe to say that there is a world of difference between being trusted and being trustworthy.

(from: Poll: Fox Most Trusted News Source in U.S.)


10,000... Around the world... Only ~1,000 in the US? Don't you think that's a kind of small sample set?
Honestly, I think Reuters got their sample set from the RNC ;).

IIRC most major polls I've seen on various news outlets tend to have sample sets from 100-1000-ish. That's one reason I very rarely put much stock in these surveys. Even if the sample set was "large enough" (from a statistics perspective), it's still likely to be tainted by how they selected the survey participants, what questions they asked, etc...

I mostly put that up to make the trusted vs trustworthy point. Even if the statistic is true, that doesn't change the fact that Fox has raised the bar on yellow journalism to unprecedented heights.
I'm of the opinion that no single poll or study is sufficient for anything more than speculation. It takes multiple polls/studies run by different people, preferably with open reports on how the studies were done, before I start to believe results.

And, yeah, I get your point. I just love to go to every post about "XYZ study/poll said ABC" and complain about something. ;)
I agree with you about polls.

Honestly I usually find it more interesting to consider why someone did a poll and what they're getting out of the results they publish. I also wonder how they could phrase questions to get the responses they want (e.g. "Do you think convicted murderers should recieve the death penalty or should they be allowed to go unpunished for their crimes?").

I'd totally love to work in some think tank analyzing surveys and "reading between the lines" and then telling people why the survey sucked and maybe even redoing some surveys to show what more accurate results would be. I'd actually be willing to do that as a non-partisan, I think all sides should be called out for using shit "science" (one of the great evils of our time IMO).
the most trusted news source in America

why would they sample the WORLD but only ask about news sources in America?
Actually they got answers about news sources from around the world. Al Jazeera did very well in some countries and iirc, CNN and the BBC were the most trusted overall.

It's not a very well done survey, it really just seems designed to point out that "stupid Americans trust Fox" (and while it is true that stupid Americans trust Fox, not ALL Americans are stupid ;).