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stupid stupid

Oy vey

Having seen the changes at more and more parks and schools, I was suspecting this, but it's hard to believe that some people want to:

Take the Play out of Playgrounds

I mean, WTF? Is it any wonder we're becoming a country of fat lazy couch potatoes? Either the kids learn to sit on their ass playing video games all day or they are "hyperactive" and get diagnosed with ADHD and they get prescribed drugs to deal with it.

Ugh. Whatever happened to letting kids be kids?

This is right up there with the whole "no one loses" thing that some schools do. No one wins, no one loses, hurray for mediocrity!


Kind of reminds me of this Eddie Izzard bit from D2K:

"What the fuck have you been smoking, eh? Certainly you haven't been smoking in a bar in California, that's for certain!" ‘Cause you can't! No, no smoking in bars now, and soon, no drinking and no talking! Be careful, California! You're supposed to be the crazy state, the out there, the wild ones, you know? In the future, everyone's going to say, "Come down to the library, we'll have a wild time, shall we? “

Thanks to jetgrrl for the link original link.


They took away Field Day here because it was causing undue rivalry between the classes. Pfft. When I was a kid, the 6th graders earned the right to bash the 5th graders. School was war and having the best long jumper was our only weapon.
IMO we're trying just too hard to protect everyone from everything. While I think some amount of interference is ok/acceptable (e.g. requiring that people wear seatbelts), this is taking things to an unhealthy point.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few years from now the fat kids start suing the schools for not making them work out more (heck schools are already getting rid of soda in schools). Just another way of teaching people to avoid responsability.
After having seen/heard parents in some of the schools I've been in, this isn't surprising. So many parents nowadays are selfish and stupid. Selfish because everything is about them and THEIR kid only. They don't want their kid to get hurt, so they'll just ruin it for everybody.

Stupid because...well it's obvious hehe.

These are the same parents that whine about wanting score-less soccer games so nobody loses and encourage the minimum grade system that many schools employ...again, so kids won't feel so bad about what they've done (or not done). Stupid stupid stupid
The sad thing is that if you really stop and think about it they're doing more harm than good. It's good for kids to learn that sometimes they're going to lose and that's ok. They don't have to like it, but they have to be able to deal with it and all those things just insulate them from the cold hard truth that in the real world, they will sometimes lose (sometimes through no fault of their own) and they need to be able to deal.

It makes me wonder what psychological issues won't start popping up more as these over-protected kids wander out into the world and discover just how unforgiving it can be.
*shakes head in digust*

I worry for the upcoming generation of kids.
Indeed. I also worry about us having to interact and deal with them.
i love eddie izzard, and i love "dressed to kill." definitely his best show.

^eddie icon reference^

"bzzzz! ciao!"
thats freaking insane! what a sick sad world this is truly becoming.

yeah, way to go hindering your childs fucking life and social development just in case they get a skinned knee. god forbid.

*slams head into wall*

sometimes american culture makes me want to projectile vomit.
Sadly though so much of the world takes it's cue from crazy over-protective american busybodies and no one seems inclined to take the time to think about what we're all losing in the process.

It scares me how quickly we're sliding into a 1984-like world, and I think movements like this contribute directly to that (what better way than to teach kids that they need the-powers-that-be to protect from the big scary world that can hurt them).