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purple dragon

Dragon Domestication, part 2

Dinner was great. I'll post random thoughts comments about the whole thing later, but we were both pleased with the food :)

After dinner, we watched Mask of Zorro because P had never seen it before (gasp!) and then we watched some Eddie Izzard (Glorious to be exact). I felt quite cool about how the evening turned out. I cooked all the food, and I cleaned up aftwards (dishes and kitchen). I felt like quite the little (well ok not so little) homemaker :-p.

The roast beast was EXCELLENT!!!!! I have some ideas on how to make it better for the big X-mas meal, but all things considered this version of it was quite yummy.

Anyhow, I'm tired and I have to drive P to the airport in early-ish tomorrow. So I'll post again sometime after that.