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Beaches & Sand...

Oh, and did I mention that my wonderful, smart, sexy girlfriend, s sprung quite an awesome surprise on me last week? Her aunt and uncle had a couple of unused airline tickets that would be expiring in the next couple of weeks. They couldn't use them right now (hurray for workaholics ;) and since she graduated this weekend and it was also her birthday, they asked her if she'd be interested in a free trip....


After about a nanosecond of though, she said yes and what's even cooler is that I get to go with her. Our tickets are setup (which was a bit of an ordeal) and we're set to leave Tuesday and return on Monday (well we fly out Sunday night and arrive Monday morning-ish). How cool is that? I get to spend a week with my girl in paradise, it's costing me next to nothing, and it's not even our honeymoon (of course this does raise the bar on things like that, but we've got a while yet before that'll be an issue ;). The only downside is that we're spending the week with her cousin who works out there and he can apparently be a bit of a know-it-all. She had visions of me smacking him down if he tried to bullshit me but I promised I wouldn't make our host cry or feel stupid... I plan to have a couple of books, my laptop, my mp3 player, and (most importantly) headphones so I should be able to ignore him... besides, he works in finance and apparently he is on Tokyo time and works 12 hour days (he comes form a long line of workaholics apparently) so we really won't have to put up with him that much. We're also planning on renting a car so we can wander around the big island on our own while he's at work.

So next week this is going to be me:

T-Minus 2 days, 23 hours and counting!

I'm ridiculously excited about the trip, and I can't believe the timing worked out so well. Work still hasn't picked up for the new company (we couldn't be aggressive about going after jobs until we had insurance and everything lined up) so I can get away for the week and it's not a big deal. I'll have to jump right in and start trying to land jobs once I get back but this is a great little break right before we (hopefully) start working like crazy and I get to spend it with my favorite person in the world. How lucky can you get? :-D

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